Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Maybe we not so bad after all...

... de people just jiving with we. Some APNU supporters decided to drive around the City letting off squibs and firecrackers-- thought those things were banned-- anyway after disrupting the early afternoon and testing the emergency reactions of Guyanese to avoid trouble - a storm of sorts- the actual weather broke out, cooled down the place and GECOM called a Press Conference to get all the Leaders of the four contesting parties to basically tell their followers to calm down and await results!
The duo from the fourth estate- current votes in the triple figures so far-- 554 -- seemed a bit dazed to be sitting at the Head Table and their incoherent Presidential Candidate stumbled through his impromptu speech-- releasing a spew of typical Guyanese comments on FB!
Glad to see some responsible actions-- maybe we might be turning a corner of sorts?

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