Saturday, November 12, 2011

Why it's exhausting to live in Guyana...2

So a friend awoke to find his two 100lb Gas cylinders detached and removed from his yard overnight.  He's taking a philosophic view of it but when I hear things like that I feel crushed - like the two dustbins in succession removed  at work, resulting in keeping the rubbish in black bags and waiting to dash out when the Garbage truck passes.
The Berbice neighbours made a trip down to Splashmin's last weekend but noticeably missing in the photographs is the lone man of the House who most probably stayed back to keep an eye on the three/four houses in the area - well ok, maybe he may not have wanted to go but gone are the days when you would leave your gate and doors unlocked because you 'knew' everybody in the area - and/or everybody knew you!
It's like living your life in reserve, delaying gratification until your 'papers come through' and wary about putting down roots. I wonder if this will be another unreported crime?

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