Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Awful Truth

So, today on the expected day of the announced results of the 2011 Elections the streets were empty. There was/is a surprising delay in getting together the final figures and announcing the winner.  As someone on FB mentioned-- it's not like the three major parties don't already know the results as they would have had Polling (Party) Agents at all the Polling Stations and/or failing that - after the count at the place of poll, the results would have been posted for the Public to see.
The immaturity and the reason why this country hasn't got off the starting line - both major Parties have announced that they 'won' the majority of the Geographical Votes-- ie the majority, deciding the prize of the Executive President. The third Party created by possible backing from extraneous forces conceded to not having won but content with making a dent into the Ruling Party's numbers - primarily as that Party's supporters have good reason not to trust the other major Party who after accusing them of voting 'race' - clearly a lot of them did not- preferred to give the third party their vote to signal their disapproval  of the ruling party.
Something MUST be wrong if notably reduced in number on the streets of Georgetown most of the members of half the population! This is not helped by so-called academics on an Opposition program making veiled threats the night before elections-- I didn't see the program but someone called me to advise me to move as much equipment as possible out of my office!
It is disingenuous that  an MP purporting to represent ALL the people of Guyana would get on a public program, post-elections and imply that they won after refusing a request for a recount from some of the boxes-- totally forgetting that they were accommodated in a like manner at the last Elections! This is followed up online -an email sent to my Old School's webpage Saying that there is a question of rigging.... it all feels so reminiscent of 2001 when there was major post-elections violence resulting in targeted murders of the Police and the rise in lawlessness -- THIS is why the majority of the population did not vote for you - people!!! And the blatant racism - but live in your deluded little world.
Please let me be proved wrong and let Mr Granger show his worth by refusing to go down the path of violence towards half of the population after all - lawfulness was one of his campaign biggies!

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