Thursday, October 8, 2015

Why it's exhausting live in Guyana... 10

Pre-emptive raises.
So after kicking out the 23yr old somnolent Government with accusations of nepotism, favouritism and despotism by its World-crowned Champion of the Earth-leader, the new champions immediately revived the National Awards Scheme to reward both their traditional and non-traditional supporters, doubled the number of Parliamentary positions and in a later classic Snowball move (Animal Farm) increased the said Parliamentary salaries by 50% a mere 5 months later..stating that it would be cheaper for the country than the large-scale corruption of the past lot.  If this new lot were better educated and had a proven track record I might not be so dubious about the wisdom of this move.
A Boxer-like character (Animal Farm) said to me least the City was cleaner-- I went to the market yesterday and the vendors from Parika were most unhappy about being summarily moved-- as one said-- it was the way the City constables spoke to them-- like they were dirt-- maybe because the said vendor looked like a non-supporter of the current Government?- but even the ones that did, had their grumbles.  Gone will be the idea of open green spaces as the mysteriously-funded high-rise buildings have hogged up regular commercial and even housing spaces-- ignoring the sensible British rule of 10 feet from the fence and a limit on the height of buildings-- leaving the unfunded perceived Government supporters with only the Public spaces on which to start-up small businesses--- presumably ignoring all health and safety rules and regulations.
So 'small-man' drives his cows to graze in my neighbourhood every morning, a semi-permanent structure has been set up a few yards from my gate for someone to repair shoes and make me feel extremely uncomfortable as it overlooks my back yard, and the food vendors who have moved a block closer to me are doing so well, they set up a portable toilet to throw a Party one night and proceeded to blast the music up to 11pm or so, louder than their regular Friday + Saturday night happenings-- needless to say when I rang the Police Station to complain-- I was made to feel like the criminal-- having to state my name, age, occupation, race and address among other things-- being an exercise in futility as even ringing twice resulted in no action by the said Police.   One of the new ministers live in my area-- but when I rang him he gloomily informed me this was why all the educated people were leaving!  As luck would have it, I happened to contact the chairman of the Local Council who informed me that his family did business with me and who suggested I get up a petition...all the residents agreed that the food vendors' music was a nuisance but were scared to put their names to paper!  So it goes in Guyana, word got out that a petition was to be formed and the food people sent away the vehicles with the sound systems...

Monday, October 5, 2015

Hyprocrisy on a Sunday

While grappling with the nuances of Project Management, I made the fatal error of switching on the TV to see what 60 Minutes was featuring and it made my blood boil with a feature about a French priest dredging up the past German crimes and how the number of Jewish people killed was probably in excess of 6 million as there were unrecorded killing/mass shootings in little European villages.  Still no mention about the 'others'- the Roma gypsies etc-- all based on German records and a race to interview older villagers before they die.  He did say that he was dismayed about the complicity of the non-Germans to the murders of people whose only crime seems to be that they were Jewish.  I reflected on the Jewish tradition of interbreeding amongst themselves and thought of the new migrants currently invading Europe -- same shit... different day --- had watched an German documentary and the German teacher was looking very puzzled that the Albanian children born in Germany refused to adopt German ideas about freedom and the Albanians themselves were dismissive about being 'German' and following the German constitution.
But what was making my blood boil was that earlier in the week I had read about the British destroying documents about the destruction they had visited on their Colonies and its peoples, even the Americans had blacked out certain parts of now released documents on Guyana -- well after a distance of 30yrs and feeding the image that they are upright and proper:  it must come as a bit of a shock to discover grandpa was worse than a Nazi -- I understand terrible things were done to the Kenyan Mau Mau and I make a silent prayer for all the African women who were made to 'breed' in the New World. In fact, traumatised people just keep quiet and don't dwell on the Past or else it would paralyse them - and I thank my illiterate grandparents and two tough great grandmothers who probably had to endure worse traumas than I can imagine.  Why don't 60 minutes do a documentary about THAT-- and how the First Peoples in North America were systematically destroyed??  Those numbers would far exceed 6 million and frankly...apologies to any Jewish friends... the behaviour of Israel to the non-Jewish people who occupied the Land before them is worse than the Nazis-- enough already!