Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Campaign reviews

So I have to say APNU has a better strategy compared to the PPP. The latter seemed to appeal to the shallow and intranssient by lavish concerts and loud music – this is vaguely insulting to those who have a bit of a brain – actually a surprising number of Joe-Averages - the non-engagement of actually finding out what the voters want but instead being fed a diet of what others think they should have.  Clearly those in power subscribe the Jean Piaget’s first grouping- bottom house meetings being limited due to lack of foot soldiers maybe?  APNU actually got some polite UG students who tried to engage people on a one-to-one basis in the form of a survey to ask people what they thought was important to move the country forward – it generally being irrelevant whether they use those statistics to do anything as they, like the ruling Party, have a complacent and useless set in Parliament who seem more concerned about maintaining the status quo than doing anything radical. APNU falling back on their usual bully-tactics and lawlessness if all else fails- thrice so far – at the Town Hall's Nomination Day, Buxton and Victoria’s PPP meetings and UG’s discourse—oops that’s four.
AFC looks to ‘mop-up’ with the disgruntled but they also are pulling dubious characters and touting them as people who will be telling the rest of us how to lead our lives! Along with desperate measures verging on the foolish –like bringing back overseas voting--?? Apparently the argument being that it is those overseas supporting the lame and lazy back here—I say—pick up your backsides, move back here and punish like the rest of us—sadly these Armchair Politicians are no different from the other Armchairs ones who expect to be sending instructions from their air-conditioned offices.
In the cut-and-thrust of dirty politicking, a foreigner noted sadly that all the good people shut up and stand back while the hardier ones stampede for the hustings but would not necessarily make good decisions for the rest of us.

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