Friday, November 4, 2011

It's Not Cricket

Ironically, in the wake of the phone-tapping fiasco by the News of The World newspapers in London was that  one of the 'discoveries' was the case of 'no-balls' at pre-arranged times by one of a few Pakistani match-fixing syndicates. Another being nude photos of a certain actress, who unashamedly said there was nothing wrong with wandering around naked - a sentiment I fully agree with providing you are as aesthetically pleasing as she!

After imposition of fines earlier in the week, wherein they begged for leniency to avoid jail sentences - they were duly sentenced to 30months - 24months in jail yesterday.  This must highlight the growing problem of primarily Third World countries who are unable or unwilling to convict their wrong-doers at home -- one of our own druggies got so bold as to even appear on TV call-in programs run by an emerging Dr Ruth type - discussing  sexual matters - huh- sadly I'm sure the druggie would have only have to say-- show a wad of money to improverished, TV-fuelled consumer-ish fed young girls with little education and no respect for their bodies and that's your problem solved! He was renditioned to a jail in New York!

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