Saturday, November 19, 2011

Sad Decline..

... of Guyana Stores and Forgarty's continues. The latter, has no reason to be looking so shabby as the family running it also has a transportation service from Miami and one would expect the shelves to be well stocked and competitive. Instead there is the same tired old look - the supermarket was re-opened today after about three weeks of empty shelves and one wonders what the difference is, as the stock looks the same - maybe they just cleaned out the bugs? Considering in a slowed down economy, food sales is the thing that goes up and the bustling in Nigel's and Survival seems to support that - you have to wonder why Forgarty's can't get it right.

But the biggest culprit in contributing to the decline of the Main Street would be the bungled sale of Bookers - the premier store during colonial times - to a sharp Liberty Avenue 'businessman' who immediately dragged the level of the store to cheap and nasty. One can argue, that contrary to the bright election campaigning assertions, money is not circulating but Guyanese have now got raised expectations but without the means to achieve it - resulting in wannabes, including the wannabe copies of quality goods. And yet... there exists some sort of market for ridiculously over-priced designer/branded (usually American) stuff.

So the Chinese just decided to open their own outlets and will kill off everybody. What industrialisation I ask myself- and how pathetic is it that the Indians and Chinese and virtually everybody else have to bring in their 'foot-soldiers' cos we seem not to have the work ethic-- mind you - reading the history of Guyana - the problem of Labour has been there since the French landed - does this make us 'smart' to resist exploitation or just shy of a 'work-ethic'?

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