Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Demented indeed

Just got in from Christmas Eve drinks at a fairly quiet bar and was a bit astonished to see downtown Georgetown heaving with shoppers along Regent St. - to such an extent that the police blocked off traffic heading east.
A Facebook friend has been writing derisive comments all week about the mad consumer rush for non-required junk and the fact that the average Guyanese has turned into a mindless consumer-- I rather liked his plea: 'Stop shopping mutton'.
The bar itself was fairly interesting -- mainly a younger 'cool' crowd; a quarter of whom were compulsively texting on their cell phones, the guys  looked  a bit 'posey' and the some of the girls a bit over-dressed while others in smart 'afternoon' casual clothes. The amount of vehicles was pretty impressive-- both in the car park for the bar and on the main shopping streets close to midnight. It's a whole different life once I take my nose out of a book!