Thursday, December 1, 2011

Advice to the New Government

Wake up and smell the coffee as they say-- the voters are telling you in no uncertain terms that this hand-wash-hand business you're engaged in, is unacceptable! You've lost a whopping 6% of your comfortable majority and will have to engage in Horse-Trading to get anything passed in Parliament, judging from your modus operandi.

Now is the time to shake those Jagdeo cronies who will only continue to bring the Party into disrepute - witness the actions of two non-PPP-ites throwing their weight around on Election Day. 
Failure to get your house in order will resulting in a bruising punishment in the next round-- your nemesis has maintained their numbers - their 'race-voting' has remained loyal-- yours will not be so easily led! Start getting more professional - back to Cheddi's lean, clean government - shame you've moved so far away- you've forgotten what that is!

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