Thursday, November 10, 2011

Elections in Guyana so far...

The alarming statistic that only 400,000+ people are eligible to vote in 2011's elections (but still up from 289,939 in 1953 - number of actual voters 338,839 in the last election representing about 68% participation) of which many are planning to stay away does not  bode well for this rich but poorly managed country.
The only Party so far to ask my opinion was a group of young people identifying themselves as UG students doing a survey on behalf of APNU to see how people feel about a joint arrangement like in Trinidad. Sigh-- power sharing by any means eh?  I asked them where was APNU and the other oppositions' mouth when the topical President's Pension Plan went through Parliament? Granted that they are still a minority - if they had had the Balls then - then maybe some sort of useful debate and a more acceptable plan following a Parliamentary Committee investigation might have ensued. I think at the same time, their leader, Mr Corbin fell sick and got the full Royal Treatment being flown out and all...wonder if that had anything to do with it?  And if so, would a coalition of sorts really be the best thing for Guyana -- sort of the elites of both Parties carving up the spoils- don't think that's what meant by fairer distribution of Wealth?
The questions of the survey were basically asking what would make APNU acceptable to the voters -- smiles-- I said if they eschewed violence! Mmm, wonder what I'll say to the rest if they ask me?

Post-script-- I stand corrected-- apparently the Opposition tried to raise an objection:

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