Saturday, July 18, 2015

More to come...?

So keep pondering about the Tennessee young shooter...young, eager to join the workforce and unemployable due to no fault of his own... how many times will this story be repeated?  Add the ready access to guns and you have a rise in criminal activity due to the frustration to 'get on' with life. It is sad that the ones he killed were also struggling to make a living like him --and a shame he couldn't/didn't target his frustrations on those to whom these lives-- both killer and victim mean so little.
Here is little Guyana, it is sort of the same story repeated... but with a suspected racial twist. Youths with little means of earning a salary that they think they deserve turn up their noses at the jobs that are available - usually involving manual labour and are tempted into doing unsavoury things with no regard to morality.  The astounding result being both Chinese manual and skilled workers being imported, while unemployment rises and less money circulates.
On another note, a 'gang-for-hire' was picked up but unless the Police get to the root--- who is actually ordering the hit/s we will get exactly nowhere but down.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Aspiring to bourgeoisie-ness

As I get older I begin to appreciate God's actions as read about in the standard Bible ('So by my woes to be nearer, my God, to Thee,  Nearer, my God, to Thee, nearer to Thee!) ....the most available book when I was growing up... I was always puzzled as a child that He was reported as a loving and merciful Father to everyone and everything and yet periodically swooped down and wiped out virtually everyone in fits of pique, apart from a few favourites who were left to breed up the next generations of humans (as if he didn't KNOW that they were going to screw up yet again!).
On reading today's SN I freely confess to feeling the same way --- wipe out everyone and start with a new slate. The jokey-ness continues but is far from funny. So the new and apparently clueless government -apart from witch-hunting the previous office-holders- sent the accountant who okayed the monthly cheques to the then Guyanese ambassador to India, to India, in order to audit the accounts - the said diplomat had a monthly allowance of U$8500 in addition to his GY$1 million salary but get this (if correct as SN has a habit of exaggerated reporting as regards the previous administration and ignoring the 'beam in the eye' regarding their government of choice's mistakes) there was apparently an allowance for his children's tertiary education.. now to give credit where it was due.. his daughter topped several National Exams and made it to one of the better universities in England-- then got married and stayed there!  How on earth does THAT benefit Guyana--- these were the same people who were appalled on assuming office to discover that Cedric Grant had written his contract for U$10,000 a month back in the early '80s and mouthing on about how the then entitled middle-classes awarded their children scholarships to the ABC countries who never bothered to come back to serve their country.
Amusingly, the never-made-it-to-university, well-connected close relative of a well-placed person in the previous administration, who managed the feat of being fired as a messenger-boy would always manage to make a snide remark about 'you bourgeoise' (well aware of my barely breaking-even position due to unenforced regulations) to me, has gone far and beyond what any reasonable middle-classed person would do- not being in a position to produce the majority of Guyana...reduced to selling National Assets!  So now, with 'full pockets' and young children the family needs a 'safe' country-- at this point I would like the hypocritical ABC countries to enforce all their stringent Laws and walk the walk instead of talking the talk, but then it looks like prejudice when they haven't done so for the other lot!   All monies being brought into their countries MUST have a paper trail and due taxes..  Work needs to be done on how under-valued National Assets sold below the going value would be assessed and what method to use to work out what is due to the country and whether it can be regained.
Whatever poor syntax occurs above is due to the steam coming out of my ears, totally fogging up my brain!