Sunday, November 27, 2011

Politically-astute man in the Street

Contrary to the Ruling Party's claims - there is general dissatisfaction with the current administration. Throwing out hand-outs and staging concerts ain't going to work it baby - I may be proved wrong - no substitute for well laid out ground-work. Particular dissatisfaction with Jagdeo's cronies in Berbice may just prove their undoing.
Like the last election- their only saving grace is that the other two Parties also seem packed with dubious Power-hungry-but-lacking-any-ideas shady characters.
Pragmatic Guyanese have all come to the conclusion that the best solution would be that the Ruling Party loses its majority in parliament and take a more conciliatory and less arrogant stance - which maybe be forthcoming anyway with the change in President, but it remains to be seen whether this wouldn't just result in a stalemate as I have been on committees where the Opposition blocks any useful suggestion as it would mean the Ruling Party looks effective and never mind the benefit to the people!

Post-script: don't usually read KN but came across this which seems to confirm the above:

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