Friday, November 4, 2011

Diva- Brazilian Film

Last in the round of Brazilian films shown by the Brazilian Cultural centre. They decided to go for a light-hearted comedy whose jokes were pretty adult in content such as two women discussing female masturbation being overheard by the waiter, older woman trying to be 'hip' with younger guy etc. I felt a bit embarrassed for the 6yr old who came with her mother and enjoyed the earlier slap-stick jokes about the husband and sons not liking the mom's cooking but felt it was inappropriate for her to be there for the 'older' jokes. Sigh-- children are forced to grow up so fast these days!

Although described as a comedy, it was actually a sad film of a woman who suppressed her emotions on the death of her mother when she was eight years old and adopted a pragmatic attitude to her philandering husband's affairs -- the rock in her life being her best girlfriend whose main ambition was to be a wife and mother and whose unease with ageing took the opposite form of trying to guard her philandering husband zealously. The best friend unsurprisingly dies from Cancer, no doubt brought on by all that stress, but leaves the protagonist of the film pretty devastated and looking back on the happier times with her now care-free and in a new relationship with a younger woman ex-husband, hinting that she would take him back when/if he got kicked to the ground-- hello-- what happened with the feminist line??

Some jokes were funny - like trying to get out of her Spanx for a 'quickie' and failing miserably-- but the director had a tendency of dragging out the punch-lines a bit too much.  It was interesting that when she tried to copy the husband and go out with a younger but matured man-- in his 40's, intially just for sex she couldn't help but get emotionally attached  and when he called it off-- it released all the tears that had been pent-up since the death of her mother. Later on she has sex with someone her son's age but clearly doesn't get the same thrill as a man her age would with a 19yr old girl. Still very much a man's world!

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