Sunday, October 30, 2011

Will it ever end?

So the commotion on the street outside my window caused me to look out. Apparently a strongly built man of African descent got into some sort of traffic altercation with a couple of youngish Indian boys. What saddens me is that after the loud voices had shouted at each other, the older,stronger guy lost his temper and started slapping the younger guys. From the snatches of conversation I gathered that the latter had other friends in a car who pulled out a gun to defend them but then backed off, as the guy driving an oversized Titan in the middle of the street seemed to be a policeman or so he claimed. He continued hitting the younger guys, one at a time and the rest were too scared to tackle him. Then a younger teenager who was with him/Mr Policeman got embolden and took over hitting the Indian guys . The police guy, presumabably then cut a branch from the tree and started lashing them-- they got into their two cars and drove off!
Sigh-- looks like everyone is wrong here, but where do you start to rectify the problem? Add Race and abuse of authority and the mix gets deadly-- like the Oakland police firing rubber bullets at peaceful protesters.

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