Monday, May 2, 2011

Osama and the ex-Pope

In spite of the non-stop coverage about the assassination of Osama bin Laden- (hat's off to the soldiers carrying out that mission-- well done as only the female shield got killed as collateral damage.. I thought they did well to not bother about wasting time to put him on trial, shot to the head seemed humane, but maybe they should have incinerated him as a nod to the victims burnt up in the Twin Towers and as it is forbidden in Muslim culture) the story in the News that got my attention was the ridiculous one of turning the last Pope into a saint!! What century are we living in??
Mmm, now which local situation does this remind you of--- you owe your unlikely position to your predecessor so try to convince the rest of the world  the man is a saint?  But I digress, I found it hard to believe people would spend time and money on this foolishness, but when I heard that Robert Mugabe was present and not arrested and sent to the Hague to be put before the International Courts, I was convinced White People have several loose screws and thank goodness we are now in a position to think for ourselves and not believe/participate in their self-delusion!

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