Friday, May 27, 2011

Myopic politic-ing

Well, nothing new under the sun; one of the Bookclub folk said that there were really only 9 major themes and so it was inevitable that there would be repetition of ideas. So with the same ole, same ole for this season's elections it is hard for the jaded politicians to come up with something to excite the cynical Public. Gone are the days when people would exuberantly volunteer their time and vehicles to carry others to vote. Since last election, the Georgetown-based politicians, having long abandoned their out-of-town flock apart from tossing the odd freebie, campaigned/depended heavily on TV Ads ad-nauseum. All parties can be guilty of sponging off the public Purse and achieving squat in Parliament and after identifying that the youth are rudderless - doing nothing and headed nowhere and having no sane Plan on development apart from currying favours on behalf of 'paying friends' - really no different from that in the US or other countries!

In the cynical tradition of give 'em ' Bread and Circus', I believe the spineless yes-woman of the Cabinet (but aren't they all really?)  was prevailed upon to 'put-on' a Show. It is coming to light that the show's apparent cost is Gy$15 million. Now it is a ridiculous amount and one wonders whether proper accounts will be submitted and whether the people will be fooled by a last-minute, reactionary, hare-brained scheme when better programs could have been set up which would have been more effective but less 'sexy' - like a country-wide reading program.
I don't have to wander far to have the stupidity on all sides impinge on me:
The myopic approach includes one Bookclub member doing actual cervical-screening on-site -- well yes, it just shows the 'eye-pass' for Guyanese women by those in authority that they think the best way to educate and empower a woman is to get her to take off her panties and spread-em on a night-out! Where's the well-run community program I wonder? If proper Data-bases were established then they might actually have some idea of numbers-- how hard can it be with of population of less than a million? Mind you, we do tend to be quite mobile and secretive!
Then there's another rabid anti-government occasional-member who actually travelled into the Rupununi to set up a woman's co-operative and got the product to market but not going to advertise her product at this thing cos-- cos, um, she got this far without them! I would have thought the three-day thing would have been exactly for people like her?
The skies have obligingly opened to give their blessings and wonder if it'll still be running by the time I get back to Georgetown!

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