Saturday, May 14, 2011


There has been a spate of importation of vehicles way too big or with the capacity to be too heavily-laden for the roads of Guyana.
The brainless people clinging to out-dated traffic rules actually had lowered duties for the importation of Titans and Tundras - those oversized Gas-Guzzlers that North America is trying to get rid of from their streets following the spike in the cost of Petrol a couple of years ago. If the argument was that it was to encourage travel into the Interior then very high, deterrent fines should have been introduced at the same time as the vehicles are too big for the regular roads in City Centres of Guyana, or restricted to the main roads-- it is sad to see how the minuscule brain of the man (usually) driving these vehicles power their vehicle through roads barely large enough to accommodate one of that size merely to avoid a traffic light at a Major Road.
Today's newspaper reports that the people of a South Rupununi area are now facing higher food costs  (it's a whole separate blog about how they have moved away from their traditional foods to packaged less nutritious ones) as a heavily-laden truck managed to damage the main bridge a few weeks ago and they don't have the money to fix it--- ??? -- and why should the irresponsible driver not be liable? Likewise it irks me that the boy-racers who damage property and people get off with a maximum fine of Gy$90,000 roughly U$450 and are not liable for the damage caused.  I feel this is all adds to the irresponsible/slave attitude that it's someone else's problem. In a poor country, I feel if you have the money to be racing cars and lading your vehicle so as to damage the roads then you should be liable for the damage-- this would also inculcate a more responsible attitude in the citizens-- included should be the administrative costs to see that it is enforced-- that'll teach 'em!
Maybe it can be extended to a Work Program for thieves-- they have to earn a day's pay while incarcerated, which should cover the costs of keeping them there and reimbursing their victims-- included the White Collared ones, and not be freed until they have paid back their dues to both society and their victims-- Arbeits Macht Frei !

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