Monday, May 23, 2011

Small (Un)Friendly Societies

So the basic problem of human co-operation to achieve the larger goal which each individual would be hard-pressed to gain by themselves can be seen  by looking at the way the small friendly societies and organisations are run.
The Guyana situation has ego-driven people bullying the rest and throwing their hands up in martyrdom complaining that they 'have to do all the work' simply because they are convinced of their own superiority, and/or treating the rest of the organisation as their serfs. But maybe I'm being harsh on Guyana as I was reading John Simpson's book "A Mad World, My Masters" wherein he noted that the Red Cross is notorious for Red Tape, inflexibility and mismanagement (my words), so if the efficient Swiss can't get it right, what hope for bumbling, little us? As an aside, if the Americans had read THAT book then maybe they wouldn't have wasted 10yrs in Afghanistan looking for bin Laden as it was reported the he, bin Laden loathed and mistrusted the Pastuns/Taliban!

So my little organisation, ten years too late after I told them it needed to be formed because the rest arrogantly didn't think events could affect THEM, encountered a few snags recently. I strongly suspect as the odd man out there'll be a forcible ejection but seeing at we JUST got enough members to form a society maybe I'll survive to Blog about it in the future! The choice seems to be -- be President and have little or no support from the rest OR be dictated at, shut up and put up! Sigh-- where's the middle ground??

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