Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Interesting National Geographical documentary : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P7K_1XTvUz0&feature=player_embedded#at=2295 about Stress.
Going to the biochemical level, when the dopamine in the brain in the brain increases, the stress levels go down-- researchers found high levels in the dominant alpha males of the Baboon tribe; interestingly they were 'passing' on stress down the line so those at the bottom of the rank were the most stressed/bullied.   A compensatory mechanism might be to boost your dopamine levels artificially - maybe why the lower socio-economic groups are more vulnerable to substance abuse (cocaine increases the amount of the dopamine in the synapse for example)?
(Thinking of the Guyana situation) A poorly managed society where those at the top of the Pile grab all the resources and pass the stress down the line will result in all the Social ills we are currently experiencing- the alarmingly rising levels of domestic abuse meted out to women and children by the Males in their lives are simply the  natural trend of 'passing it on' to the end of the line. I know people will point out that Domestic Violence is also in homes of the "big ones" but in fact Guyana doesn't have a clearly defined Upper/Middle class as Nouveau Riche stands apart and really I think the gap has narrowed between the classes.
I was amused that the study in Africa had the Dominant males of the baboon troupe inadvertently wiping themselves out by grabbing all the poisoned meat from the dustbin of some Humans and dying off-- leaving the 'new Baboon/new man' who adopted a more conciliatory approach to the females and thereby promoted less stress hormones down the line!
Guyana, with it's small population could be a great place to stage a countrywide experiment!  Round up those   destructive dominant males, feed them poisoned meat and Bob's your uncle! If it's successful - we could pioneer a worldwide thing-- starting with the French who didn't see anything wrong their potential Presidential candidate sexually abusing a woman of lower social rank!  Ok - I'm not being serious here-- just musing!

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