Thursday, May 12, 2011

Abuse of Technology

Thanks to bin Laden, the rest of us have to suffer Big Brother looking over our shoulders-- electronically reading our mails and recording telephone conversations:  some half-wit presuming to judge us while saddled with their own prejudices--transfer to paranoiac Third World leaders and topsy-turvy Guyana and you have a recipe for abuse.
Bear in mind this is the country when telephones were introduced in a certain area, the residents all gleefully rang up their neighbours and 'cussed them out' so that Caller's ID became mandatory. Not quite on par with helping to nab a Drug Baron or two! In fact, a few years ago, it was one of the Druggies who had sophisticated listening equipment and recorded the then Police Commissioner making a dodgy deal!
The Government's blog, justifies publishing the photos of a person and his house on the grounds that he and a colleague are authors on the Propanganda Press which promotes racist and inflammatory stuff.   As far as I know --the anti-government blogsite accepts any anti-governemnt 'stuff' from anyone with an axe to grind.  So it may be erroneous to say they are the authors-- surely they are looking for the Websites managers who are apparently based in the US.  Damm US again!  The problem of poor English and lack of precision on what they want,  may lead to the wrong people being targeted!  The person in question/targeted says that he would not write anything anonymously and I have no reason not to believe him as he is is surprisingly frank on quite a few issues like his Mental State!  So the justification of publishing, albeit online, the person's name, picture and house is due to 'intelligence operations undertaken'.  Government blog-people are congratulating themselves on tracing his IP address to his house-- duh-- so??   Did I miss something? I missed that they traced 'stuff' on the Propangada Press  to the IP address-- they have NOT said that!

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