Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Chinese Triads and Brazilians..

... thanks to the 'miracle' of Globalisation, one of the Local newspapers reports that there has been a gradual spread of the former's influence the past ten years in the Caribbean.  Our nearest Caribbean neighbour has conditions that sound alarmingly like ours- an influx of Chinese labourers, the springing-up of restaurants, supermarkets and hotels (but we have less 'intelligence'!), but so as to not be accused of Xenophobia, umm sinophobia- one can substitute Brazilian in lots of cases.   T&T who experience possibly more horrific crimes, had one of their Parliamentarians report that :  “Clearly many of these (new) businesses have no clear source of funding and even more importantly, they do not have a sustainable business model,”   
Mmm, while THAT description could apply to many of the 'new' businesses that have sprung up here the last few years, I feel quite pessimistic that while the Politicians continue to take Pot-shots off each other and make extravagant promises to their rapidly-impoverished (both mentally and physically) and fast-becoming-desperate followers; maybe sooner than we think Guyana will be lost to businessmen who “can’t speak the language, ... haven’t even mastered the basics of the societies that they are operating in and have a million-dollar business."
Is it any different to be exploited by your 'own' or the 'other'?
-- all the while, Guyanese scheme to get as much training as possible and leave-- and can ya blame them really?

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