Friday, April 29, 2011

Royal Wedding + Tornados

While I wish the young couple well and my sympathies for living the rest of their lives in the Public Eye (only hope to not see a Kate interview years later--'there were three people in the marriage-- me, him and his mother') I wondered that their wedding dominated the News while a real tragedy was playing itself out in the American South. It seems that an unknown number of Tornados, as with Katrina, made more potent with existing weather conditions has totally obliterated entire towns! Maybe we do prefer to read about bad things?
We should be glad that after the Japan tsunami, most sensible people reviewed their Nuclear Facilities and apparently the one that was affected by one of the Tornados didn't reach a Meltdown situation like in Japan-- BTW-- no further news on what's leaking from there!!
Bizarrely I couldn't find information on the number of tornados on CNN and found a number of 300 on the BBC page! It boggles the mind that 150 tornados could occur on one day! (Wednesday). Oh those poor people-- imagine just saving your house from foreclosure to have it flattened by a Tornado!

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