Sunday, May 8, 2011

Silly Season...

... name given to the period leading up to a general election.
Very apt for Guyana. Given the high stakes-- a chance of milking the bankrupt National Treasury for four years at least-- sensitivities are quite high. A FB friend posted that she was accepting any detrimental stories about the Ruling Party and was rewarded with her picture being posted on both a Government-run Website and an anti-Government website along with the picture of another friend, who although anti-Government a bit more discreet!
It may be co-incidental that they are both vocal against sexual discrimination but given the amount of ignorant people out there -- think the US Senator who got shot after her picture was 'targeted'-- it is a bit worrying to say the least.  Guyanese have yet to lose their 'small-mindedness' and while happy to bitch in a corner they seem to take a pleasure in dragging their feet to obstruct those people who want to achieve something.
In the meantime- anecdotally- racial attacks against people of Indian descent seem to have gone up. Lots not being reported-- in fact -- worryingly two men in dark clothes like Police but not wearing ID, stopped two youths getting off a bus and hauled them to the Outpost, where they 'took' one of the boy's Blackberry and then made him withdraw $15,000 of the $20,000 he had in his bank account! This is not as unlikely as it seems as I have another friend who regularly sees the same type of Police 'patrolling' on the street outside her house, stopping drivers for a 'shake-down' fee. So vigilante justice is emerging whereby one of the boy's family is trying to find out which two police and go after them! Sigh-- how can we ever correct all this?

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