Sunday, May 29, 2011

Feminition and other scunt

In a word-- pathetic!
I had in mind a mini-Guyexpo but in fact it was limited to about 20 small businesses, free promotion for other established businesses and two large tents from the Ministries of Agriculture and Health.   In fact, it was small enough to be located on part of the foreground of the Stadium and consisted of  tents and white plastic tables covered with white cloths-- how the Rass THAT translated to 15 million I don't know. I met another hopeful from my Old School who went looking for six things the first three being:
" Bearing in mind the current urgent survival needs of Guyanese women, I anticipate seeing booths with the following information. 

1. Models of legislation to drastically reduce alcohol intake, e.g. Kenya,
2. Highlighted copies of the Constitution and the Labour Act outlining
workers' rights and detailing the steps to report and seek redress in situations
where these rights are abused. This would include extended working hours, sexual
abuse, tasks outside of their job description, etc.
3. Timeline on how the Ministry of Human Services is tackling infractions on
women's rights by other Ministries. For example, the Ministry of Education
determined that the majority of schools do not need secretaries or any office
staff. The Principal is expected to fill that role, while being lambasted by
these same functionaries for inadequately supervising teachers. I wrote the
Minister of Education suggesting that everyone should have clear job
descriptions. I remain stunned that Principal's are so disempowered that they
have accepted this untenable situation. "

I didn't see none of the above but did see one of the aforementioned covered Plastic tables with a bored looking woman sitting in the Domestic Violence section of the Health tent-- one of the largest tents.
While on the subject of cost I saw a woman from the Region1/9 booth where I bought a small bottle of Crab Oil and a tub of local Peanut Butter filling out a transportation voucher for $2000 but at the most there were 50 people manning the booths, not counting the government/other larger business establishments and really the out-of-town people maybe numbered 25-30 and that's a very generous estimate!  To be honest it looked like the Ministry brought a couple of street vendors off the street and gave them 'booths'- a covered white plastic table in part of a tent.  The older Guyanese woman who was with me and pretty much has seen it all said-- 'that's disgusting' when I commented how on earth could 'they' could spend 15 million; her other comment was this country is headed in the downwards direction after we exited the booth manned by one of the many unqualified persons who have bloomed going into a profession for which they hadn't bothered with the qualifications  and which was given the limited publicity of the Show- I note that the arrogant junior Minister of Health considers this particular section his personal piece de resistance-- the current University program  headed for problems when the volunteer  untrained 'lecturers' leave in July leaving the students up shit creek without a paddle.  This is the same Ministry which has refused to censure the burgeoning illegal businesses ten years ago.. In fact, one of the early people who openly flaunted the rules when Jeffery was Minister of Health (who's a disgruntled anti-government spokesperson now that he has been kicked off the Gravy Train) has been awarded a Medal of Service according to today's papers which basically lists people who have sucked up to Jagdeo and the current administration thereby totally spoiling it for the few people who genuinely seem to deserve the awards. 
I really wish they had listed why those particular persons were given awards - like what service exactly did they perform for Guyana that was not self-serving? 
Sadly for Guyana, the political alternatives would not perform any better - doesn't exactly make me want to invest time or money here!

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