Monday, May 16, 2011

Entrapment or Arrogance?

So if you had a Jet-setting job and were about to leave your U$3000-a-night suite for your First Class seat on a Trans-Atlantic flight, and NEEDED a quickie Blow-job, but time was too short to call your regular High-Class Escort agency, would you chase the nearest convenient woman around the Suite or wave a wad of notes under her nose? Presumably it's something your TV-visible wife, busy with your 4 children wouldn't bother with- a la Hugh Grant/Elizabeth Hurley? Fascinating to speculate on the unsavoury details, no pun intended.
Good that the US hotel people and police didn't try to cover it up but then again maybe they didn't like the guy**-- maybe he was going to insist the US pay back the IMF so it can bail out the rest of Europe before the Chinese foreclose?  Joking aside -- if the woman is innocent * then the full force of the US Law should fall on his head- good that they have shielded her from the Media, thus far. And besides, what's so great about being President of France anyhow, hope he becomes someone's bitch in Prison - now THAT would be true justice!

* Turns out it's more likely that he's at fault as the maid is a quiet Ghanian woman who's worked at that location for the past 3/4 years, and his French God-daughter is also accusing him of sexual abuse 9yrs ago. Of course, his (male) biographer is of the opinion that women can't help themselves and proposition him all the time!!
** From someone else's blog 'In the recent Oscar-winning documentary, "Inside Job," Mr. Strauss-Kahn, in his capacity as Chair of the IMF, speaks with refreshing clarity of the systemic fraud, corruption and outright thievery on Wall Street and in Washington that led to the worldwide financial collapse and that continued with the transparency-and-accountability-barren bailouts of the same institutions.

Funny, just like Julian Assange of Wikileaks and Elliot Spitzer, sexually-scandalous allegations emerge to smear and discredit a man whose public pronouncements challenge and threaten the prevailing Politico-Financial Establishment.'

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