Thursday, April 7, 2011

Poor Sod

So... we have a New American ambassador nominated... the last few didn't manage to complete their tour of the last one, this one seems overly-qualified for bumbling-along Guyana, Barbados being the nearest to a third-world country he's served. At least he'll not have to put up with tantrums and cussin' out when he has to tell the Guyana Government that aid is being cut back in these hard economic times-- lots of one man/woman NGO's  will suffer. Sad to say more jobs will be dependant on Government largesse as they seem to be the only ones wid the money (forward spending their budgets well into the following year!).

Interestingly, tourism according to the Princess Hotel Casino statistics seem to be up-- logging in 4,500 players per month... and as 'locals' are banned that must mean the Government strategy of encouraging tourism in that sector must be working.... yaay!
Sad to say that an 11yr old was caught house-breaking-- like the neighbour in Berbice whose son was destined for the New Opportunity Corp in Essequibo-- there seems to be a burgeoning problem of high expectations and little opportunity to achieve it-- I mean there is limited amount of Cakes Decorated one can buy, though no limit on the amount women will spend on Beauty Treatments/Cosmotology. It's the dead end for the young men with little or no education, fustration for those in Middle Management who don't 'know someone' and hard times for the self-employed.

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  1. I heard that locals can rent a room and then play in the Casino as guests of the hotel.. and I wonder how many of that 4566 are repeat locals with overseas passports..