Sunday, April 10, 2011

Wants and Needs - 2

Almost fell off the couch when I was half-asleep while Russia Today TV did a quick, short interview with Peter Joseph, a guy who has founded the Zeitgeist movement-- turns out it may just be a non-de-plume as he says on U-Tube - "it's a fucked up society we live in, " and that he'd got threats from the religious right-wingers.

His assertion that when people's wants are not met it leads to crime is an interesting one and he actually used my phrase of 'needs and wants'. He also asserts that the dependence on Oil will lead to a collapse of society and that economics is not a science but a contrivance! And that academia is a detriment to advancing social progress and that one has to break one's own indoctrination to evolve Human Thought. Funny how the ideas of Guns,Germs and Steel keeps popping up- good suggestion to the bookclub Will.

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