Sunday, April 10, 2011

For Coloured Girls

Was trying to get my regular Film Buddy to watch and discuss the film with but too busy on Saturdays with a Masters!
It had the unmistakable Stamp of  a Tyler Perry movie/dialog. The story consisted of the interwoven lives of stereotyped Women but I was disappointed that even the 'Strong, independent' one played by Janet Jackson was dysfunctional and unhappy-- women really ought to write their own movies as other reviewers had commented that we don't hear about the Michelle Obamas and they seem to forget that The Cosby Show was record-breaking for not harping on about the negatives!
So you have the sexually abused, promiscious attractive one whose sixteen year old sister gets knocked up and has to have a backroom abortion with predictable consequences (I thought that problem has been addressed by free clinics??), the nuthead deluded Christian giving all christians a bad name, the single mother of two adorable kids with an abusive war vet man, the taken-advantage-of, good-natured but desperate-for-a-man independent woman, the naive Dance teacher who gets horribly raped and the social worker unable to have kids.
The most interesting part for me was the story of thedominated, attractive, married to the rich-independent-bully woman whose man denies that he had slept with any other woman but prevaricated when the wife asks if he's been with a man as that topic had been discussed in one of Vidya's FB pages. The character vehemently denies that he is gay and says that he is a man who enjoys having sex with another man-- the wife discovers this when she finds out that she is HIV positive-- very topical.
It ended a bit unlikely with dialog over my head but on the whole I thought there could have been a better way to put the message across and for such a cast of strong beautiful Black women it was a shame that the dialog/screenplay was so poor. Must be the modern thing to portray everything so graphically leaving nothing to the imagination.

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