Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Changes in Guyana's unique Indigenous Population

Well, the Miss Bartica Regatta 2011 Beauty pageant opened a right can of Worms.
The new 19yr old queen- sister of last year's queen, was reported in the Papers as saying quite ungraciously : “I don’t think I had any competition”  This most probably after the rest of the competitors walked off the stage and didn't pose for the obligatory fake congratulatory picture around the New Queen-- including Miss Congeniality!  I can't help thinking it reflects the individualistic attitude prevelant in Guyana  today and maybe a bit surprising to those well-meaning foreigners with naive views of our Native Peoples.
My aussie friend was telling us how tribal loyalty is so strong, an Aboriginal would discharge him/herself from a sickbed in hospital just to go back to attend a funeral of another tribal member, not necessarily a family member - that loyalty has fallen by the wayside over here and would just be reserved for immediate family members-- if that, as rivalry between siblings and their children has probably crept like in the rest of the society.
Of course, this is just my limited observation-- would be glad to hear differently!

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