Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Forced Ripe

Modernity is seeping into Guyanese society but I don't think the people have the right tools to handle it.
Sad letter in Stabroek News today from an Overseas Guyanese no doubt remembering nostalgically the relative innocence of growing up in Guyana (for my part although the term Anti-man was bandied about and my mom's dressmaker was flamboyantly open I don't think it dawned into my consciousness what they actually did until I was well into university and my brother and a cousin, who I think was one, were laughing over a newspaper story).
But I digress from the sad account of a group of teenagers 14-17yrs in No.78 Village on the Corentyne who are crack users and have a local prostitution ring-- the parents sound in need of help themselves-- sounding unable to cope with the realities of life and sunk into Hopelessness. So much for empowering people! Good to hear there are people around to try to help, albeit without resources, seeing as it's not Georgetown and apparently those whose mandate this would fall under, notorious for just talking the talk and horribly incompetent to deal with this problem, not having any Moral Backbone themselves!
Sometimes you feel this society is just going down the drain rapidly.

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  1. Gyal.. one of the things i have been hearin gfor the last six years going up to Berbice is the drug problem. i used to think liquor was the issue, but right in babu john there.. midday, the guys were dealing crack and people could show me the houses where the crack is being sold..
    a long time ago a man from 64 came to town to go into rehab.. he was a crack addict.. the thing is apparently that in Berbice.. the junkies work, they do not steal.. so PPP does not have to bother too much ..