Monday, April 4, 2011

Opium of the Masses and Hypocrisy

Silly season in full force-- Raphael invited a Gospel Singer to Guyana and Bharat weaseled in on the man's parade and out-manouvered him! Apparently the crowd went wild according to Stabroek News (SN) in response to Bharat's 'I can't sing but I can say praise the Lord'-- very cunning Bharat-- he said he can say it but didn't actually say it! Such a very seasoned politician- inviting Raphael to his own Stage smiles- SN reporter did a good job reporting quoting Bharat, which was a bit nauseating over this morning's cup of tea but apparently the Crowd lapped it all up-- this is what some segments of the population do for entertainment?
The preacher himself sounds a bit ridiculous - giving a blessing in Hebrew-- stups- we paying for this shit?? Who and why?
If I can think of a way of working in SEX then I can hit all three off-limits topics at once- Religion, politics and sex.

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