Friday, April 15, 2011

All Lemons gone!

Well, the mis-named (not) grafted tree NARI sold my mother 13 years ago finally started bearing. The Handyman noted it was the only lemon tree in the Housing Scheme to bear fruit!  So after weeks of waiting for them to be ready ( tried picking one before its time and little or no juice) THE time finally arrived.  One of the dogs developed a problem which required treating twice daily so planned to pick this weekend.
No such luck-- bastards came on the Government reserve today, climbed on the back fence and stole all of them!! Considering it is just opposite the neighbour's back gate across the road AND on the main road the bare-faceness of it all galls. I suppose as compensation the person throwing bags of rubbish on the grass verge by the canal deposited a bag outside the house which got duely ripped on the grass outside the house. Again amazing that no-one sees these things!
So-- dogs not paying atttention to the back-- to test their alertness have managed to drive the car in the garage before they realised, neighbours not bothered, and these damm people too lazy to plant their own tree, which is sad because the land here is very fertile!

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