Saturday, April 16, 2011

The New Look Maggies

So while it was a good thing to expand sideways, I wasn't so sure the most effective use of space was to move the snacks counter back a few feet.
I thought the Lime Green and orange colours copied Oasis a bit but seeing as this is Guyana, probably the same designer. I thought that the design of using the new wall with open slats was a good one and even though they broke the City Council's rule of 10 foot from the boundary ( who doesn't these days?) there was a good air flow and with the four ceiling fans, the place was not unpleasantly hot at 11am. In fact just as cool as the backroom in Oasis, but I'm sure with less running costs.
The food was the usual standard, I thought the Custard smooth and flavoured with Almond Essence but my girl Friday preferred the one from Beacon. The Guava juice tasted authentic but as with most juices in Guyana, a bit too sweet for me.

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