Thursday, April 14, 2011

Awed by technology!

Totally impressed by online banking and kudos to the FBI for picking up a suspected Russian ring of crooks who were using tracking technology to fake people's ID and get their Login info. Isn't crime getting sophisticated?  Imagine waking up one morning and finding your bank account emptied?  Mind you, the Madoff posse, Enron and that ilk fall right into that category of stealing from people who've worked hard for their money.
Even here in little Guyana, the crooks are now driving up in cars to effect their 'choke and rob' on pedestrians-- sadly a 23yr old girl died fighting back for her cell phone and was run over by the said car-- three months later someone still has to be charged although the crime happened at the busy time of 5pm-ish when there were  lots of people on Camp St going home. I'm pretty sure the bandits would have a more sophisticated cell phone than the 2007 one I have whose features I have yet to figure out.

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