Monday, March 28, 2011


So in the News dis week a quite attractive 23yr old Jamaican woman travelling out of her country for the first time was stopped by a female official at barbados airport. She was taken into a room and strip searched, then-- this is the incredible part-- told to bend over and spread her private bits for inspection- I wondered why she complied?- but then felt a gloved finger finger-raping her! (Sigh-- you know I really can't see CARICOM lasting another 10 years).
So OK, the Americans blasting you with radiation or the British putting you to sit on a Glass Potty until you do your business actually sounds more humane. Though personally I would take my chances with the Fluffy Alastian dogs that seem to be used increasingly!
Actually reminds me of a joke, where the US Army sends a top-ranking officer with a trained dog, on a very important secret mission. His instructions are to go to Location A where the trained dog would press the correct button, then Location B where the the dog would again choose the correct button and finally to location C and he's given the lastest pistol-- and here-- I forget the rest of the Joke-- :( sorry-- I'm really bad telling jokes-- but basically the top-ranking official's job is to protect the dog who's really 'doing' the mission!

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