Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Who are the losers?

APNU - the latest re-incarnation of the PNC but now including the more racist elements of the WPA both of whom have never managed to convince the Guyanese Public about their suitability to manage the affairs of the country has resorted to their usual cry of being robbed by manipulation of the Statements of Polls at the Elections-- this has been a rallying cry since 1997.
Having been a Presiding Officer back then, I can state that I think the system is a fairly good one - everything is done in an open and Public manner- apart from the Presiding Officer helping the visually disabled to mark their Ballot and let's face it-- hardly significant to make a difference to the final outcome. At the  close of Poll, all the ballots are opened and counted and the final signed Statements of Poll (SOP) handed to the Party agents and copies stuck in the Boxes which are then sealed.  I understand APNU is contending that there are discrepancies between the the SOP in possession of their agents and those official ones! GECOM ought to have a public comparison of all SOPs and this should have been done from the start-- again my understanding was that representatives from the major Parties were present during the verification process and GECOM insisted on the physical hardcopies--
-- as an aside, a pilot told me that it took three days to deliver all the materials to the Hinterland areas-- so logically there was no way the results would be at GECOM the next day-- would it then have been unreasonable to let the further-flung districts cast their ballots at the same time as the Disciplined Services so that their results would be readily available and less confusion on days following the Election?-- just asking.
-- yesterday GECOM released the SOPs on a DVD to all the Political Parties.
As an aside to those not following events-- well I guess you wouldn't bother to read this Blog either (!) - APNU got their supporters out on an unapproved ( by the Police) march and in order to create martyrs, incited the Police who opened fire with Rubber Bullets - saying that it's their right to a peaceful protest-- what are you protesting about again?  There are now moves to boycott businesses apparently supporting the Government - but not some like Banks DIH who is a member of the Private Service Commission supporter of everyone  (as any business would be- buy we stuff whatever your conviction) - the whole thing smacks of frustration at losing-- but, but -- the Opposition controls Parliament so why the Drama??

If the main Opposition Party wasn't so racial it might have appealed to the disgruntled of the current Party which seems to be carrying on - business as usual, not making any conciliatory moves to the other two, mainly I suspect because they have no Plan, or if so, it's just to maintain the Status Quo and therefore are engaged in a desperate walling-off of any outsiders-- including people from within their own Party!
Are we all the losers with a potential stalemate looming?

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