Thursday, December 29, 2011


In all my 40+ years I have never encounter the like ... everything follows a set script.. rats/mice appear from time to time, one buys the blue or pink rice-shaped poison, put it on a piece of paper where they run -- they eat it over a period of time and run off--hopefully in the yard to die.

Not this new breed!!

The past couple of months I have been hearing them scrabbling away in the attic, but they have ignored the poison that I thoughtfully climbed up to set. They decided to join the rest of the household for the Christmas Season and as evidenced by the droppings in the All-purpose cupboard--ironically originally conceptualised as a Larder when optimistically building the house-- also following the pattern of ignoring the pink poison pellets. It/they decided to up the ante and started gnawing wooden doors to the said cupboard
- being greeted with shredded wooden strips every morning to my distress - a Bookclub buddy recommended the sticky mats but I couldn't find any in the Hardware Stores and I had JUST missed the men selling on the Pave! I nixed the suggestion on mixing food/sugar with the ground-up link poison as also having a running battle with three different species of cockroaches and 5 different species of ants-- the fine, smelly ones that appear at the first sign of anything sweet being the most persistent-- so it's NOT like I haven't been scrupulous about hygiene or leaving any food exposed!
My local Corner Shoppe lady recommended dabbing said wooden doors with Peppermint Oil which is available here. It worked!! Yaay.

The bitches decided to take the fight closer to home and I woke up to find a huge chunk chewed out of my everyday Hand-bag as I had forgotten about the Dungs my aunt had brought over for Christmas. They didn't make it though the lining and really if they were after the Dungs- they could have sniffed around and go through the top as the Dungs were not in the zippered part - so it's my humble opinion they came to throw down the gauntlet!
Check out SN's editorial today -- looks like a city-wide problem:

It would be sad if Guyana makes the News for a resurgence of the Plague/Black Death.

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