Friday, December 23, 2011

Pit Stop

With the dwindling Middle Class there were no Christmas Specials for the annual Christmas Lunch! Windies around the corner morphed into The Hibiscus and were offering Fried Rice and Baked Chicken, Oasis had their regular stuff and no-where else advertised anything!
So I remember a lady from Church recommending PitStop - located on the grounds of the local Motor Racing  Club near The National Park. Not finding a number in the directory, I popped in to see the ubiquitous Baked Chicken in a Sweet and Sour version with rice and pasta as Plat du Jour - running low on options we decided to check it out.
I must say- the location next to a wide open space and under a large tent is a great idea for the Region - reminded me a bit of Brazil and I suppose in a few years when they have taken us over, there will be more places like it-- the Alexander and Robb St places can't quite match up the to wide, airy and cool space.
That said the service by two youngsters was extremely slow, having to go to the Bar to order both the Set Lunch and drinks.  The meal itself was a bit too carbohydrate-y for me -- pasta and a large portion of flavoured rice being too much for me-- the baked chicken itself was ok-- tasting of 5-spice powder. Something in the salad was rotten and there was too little and swamped by Creamy Ranch Dressing.
The people with me, one notoriously hard to please, actually liked the food - shame it took about an hour to get to the table, by which time I had downed 1/4 litre of Coke and could feel my teeth dissolving!
I noticed with perverse satisfaction someone younger than me emerging from the Gym looking definitely Middle-aged with a huge pooch and heavy hips and consoled myself than I wasn't so bad and celebrated by checking out the Tiramisu - Ms Fussy rejected it as being too sweet, but I thought it was pretty good - the alcohol adding subtle undertones without overpowering- in fact definitely made the meal for me.
Prices were reasonable.

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