Saturday, December 24, 2011

Hustling business in Guyana

On my way home, on impulse I decided to check out the apparent mini-Indian expo - the size and numbers of participants having dwindled in years but I remembered picking up nice cheap fake jewellery in years past. Thought I would look for some to give away as surprise Christmas presents.
Turns out to be a sole man in conjunction with a local Indian National hell-bent on exploiting any Indian holiday to promote his store of cheap Indian imports of vastly inflated prices - now moving into the lucrative business of the health profession as the toothless Ministry of Health keep shooting themselves in the foot and jumping into ventures without much thought-- but I digress. There was a room of carved wooden furniture, a handful of embroidered cotton shirts for men, polyester saris from U$50, a table of Indian bracelets and two long tables of various Beauty Products.
The owner followed me as I stopped to inspect the goods and in the best salesman pitch suggested 'Fat-burning' tea and lotion for breaking down and losing fat - Karmic Revenge for earlier uncharitable thoughts about thinking I looked better than a younger person looking decidedly Middle-aged - and after a quick scan-over: two different oils (and prices) for falling hair/hair loss! I felt a bit bad for him as business was so slack and I was the only customer and bought the cheapest thing as a 'pity buy' and atone for earlier uncharitable thoughts.

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