Thursday, December 15, 2011

Musings on Water

Got up extra early to prepare for the blindly-optimistic youths who said they were going to power-hose the yard and concrete fence at 6am. Good that there are enterprising youths still about, bad that I had to wake them at 6.15am so they could make a start before I left for work!
They seemed very reluctant to used the long-hard brush, depending on electricity and wastage of water to make good on the lost elbow grease.
Having just seen a NatGeo program on the slums of India, where water is a scarce commodity and there is access to a standpipe for only a couple of hours got me thinking about how fortunate my area was to be supplied by Well water, and furthermore- what wastage it was to be using such a precious resource to wash cars and other things and flush toilets and wondered about the possibility and cost of supplying potable water from a separate supply as surely the cost to make water drinkable means that about 80% of domestic usage could be supplied at a lesser cost. Of course that would require a whole new Plumbing concept, but isn't Guyana the ideal testing ground as the Housing Market is poised to expand, or alternately the population is small enough to try different systems and not being too sophisticated as yet would probably not have too high expectations to start with?

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