Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Russia and Guyana

Interesting the analogy between Russia and Guyana... both ostensibly socialist states, having terrible histories of excessive exploitation of their peoples, but both now moving to centralisation of Government and imposition of Capitalist values under men convinced of their destinies to 'rule' in perpetuity! The creation of a nouveau bourgeoisie class , quite unlike the american robber barons whose protestant upbringing at least led them to establish charitable institutions, establishes that this lot just take and take without giving back!
Ayaan Hirsi Ali in her book 'Nomad' said :   
'Modernity is a permanent state that replaces your former outlook. You can try to fight it, but it is irresistible. It sucks in your young.'
And the young in both countries seem less enthralled by historical struggles and more interested in current performance and will vote accordingly.

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