Saturday, December 10, 2011

Munch n' Brunch

Mich and I, being at loose ends on Saturdays, have taken to reviewing the local eateries.
 I came home smelling of oil past its burning point, much to the dogs' delight.  It was unfortunate that the owner decided to tell the kitchen hand to fry up the 'Fat Mithai' just as we were finishing up the shared 'Box-cake' strawberry cupcake. The walnut brownie was good and the ginger biscuit had lost its crunch.
Drinks were a bit limited but she obligingly put on the coffee perculator, unfortunately my penchant for fresh milk-- the closest thing being Box-Milk in Guyana - meant that I had a few sour-tasting mouthfuls until I saw a friend who confirmed that the milk had 'gon-off'. The owner replaced the cup using tinned milk, Mich was happy with her mandarin-orange tea.
The place was fairly small- two arm-spans across but nicely decorated in lime green and pink. This meant everyone could overhear your conversation, so we proceeded to bitch about known political people to keep everyone happy. Air-conditioning on a bit high and unfortunately circulated the burnt oil particles to clothing very readily.
Prices very reasonable-- about $200 per item.
Munch n Brunch is a little cafe in the new mini-Mall next to the Hindu temple on Lamaha St, between Camp and Waterloo Sts,

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