Friday, September 9, 2011

Presidential Kudos

In;postID=6542908100771242627, I had naively assumed that one waited to be asked to 'open' a ceremony, grace a performance etc.  I read an amusing blog about the upcoming President's Appreciation Day : apparently being hosted by those people who benefited under President Jagdeo. The TV ad looked suspiciously like it could have been applicable to President Cheddi Jagan but with the current one's picture inserted instead!
Added three days later because it's so priceless - quote from a self-styled 'Bishop', heading the Ethnic Relations Committee : “The bible establishes that all persons in authority are there because God wants them to be in authority and there is no way appreciating a president who’s about to demit office could be deemed taking sides,"

Someone in the daily papers remarked on the surprising lack of comment and silence by the Opposition to the overly-generous retirement package Jagdeo was allowed to write himself -- truly living a limousine lifestyle in a donkey cart economy. Granted that an ex-president would look bad standing on the roadside waiting to catch a mini-bus (though that obviously is not applicable to ex-spouses, or those who presumed they were ex-spouses-- considered same under Guyana Law) perhaps to make things fairer the final Presidential and MP's salaries should be pegged to the basic minimum pension? Say 30x for the President and 15x for the MP's?
That way it would truly be in their interest to work for the betterment of the people.
Also, I see no reason that all pensions shouldn't start at the age determined by the National Insurance Scheme -- it follows if they don't have enough money and need to raise the pensionable age bar, those responsible for getting us all into this mess should share the burden. Hey-- if it's successful we can export to idea to other countries who look like they would be in similar messes with the growing aging population and less contributing working people.
Just saw this on A friend's Facebook page-- says it all about productivity really!

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