Monday, September 12, 2011

All about Love and Knight's Possession

by Bell Hooks and Carole Mortimer respectively.

The former is a review of the latest (2000) liberal views of Love in its various forms and the resulting misery in lives without, while the latter is a classic Mills & Boon depending on the heroine's brainlessness and lack of communication skills to drag out the drama and be 'rescued'.  Like the 'heroine', I can't believe I spent most of my teen-aged years gobbling up such trash and other bodice-rippers.

So I liked it that the beginning of the Bell Hooks book were chapters on  Grace and Clarity, but Romantic Love was summed as: "The heart beat of true love is the willingness to reflect on one's actions, and to process and communicate this reflection with the loved one". 'Honesty and openness is always the foundation of insightful dialogue' - I suppose what those saints and holy people referred to as working with love.

I found the Bell Hooks particularly on point in the chapter on Greed, where it's a permanent vicious circle of greed and exploitation triggering alienation and lovelessness. But this quote seems to sum up what happened in London last month: 'poor teenagers are willing to maim and murder for a pair of tennis shoes or a designer coat' -- in Guyana you could take out teenagers and substitute cell-phones/laptops for the desirables...
The Police here have yet to charge someone for the murder of the young Bank Teller who was dragged to her death after pursuing her attackers who snatched her cell phone at the corner of a busy Intersection!

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