Friday, September 2, 2011

Policing in Guyana

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I noted that declining moral values, along with poorer school graduates would lead to poorer quality applicants to join the disciplined forces; so it is with dismay that I note that within the last few days a woman Police constable has been held for shoplifting chocolates and CD's, another for using the Force's vehicle illegally and killing an elderly woman by dangerous driving and the forces at Enmore choosing to do nothing about a Noise nuisance right on their doorstep!  Depressingly, even the acting Top Cop has been fingered as benefiting from Drug Proceedings but in a peculiar reverse Psychology, those responsible for appointing are stubbornly holding out for making the the appointment official thereby impeding the free exchange of policing information between Guyana and the 'first-world' countries.
This would not be so disastrous if we had alternate source of finance to run our economy-- like all the illegal gold, or an Oil industry-- but seeing as we have to go crawling for their largesse to just keep afloat it means the fragile hold on Law and Order in Guyanese society will be stretched even more.
Update- two women arguing over a food stall in Stabroek market ( they shoulda be home cooking!) - one produces a gun, the gunwoman's male companion comes over and slaps the other female to the ground and when the downed woman's male friend gets out of the car to assist he gets shot in the head by the said male-- who turns out to be a Policeman: -- stories in Guyana's Newspapers are usually about 65-85% right- and of course it's the slapped woman's story!
I have had a young man claiming to be a policeman attempt to bully me on the road when I had the Right-of-way - he and his companion sped up to pull out into my lane because of a badly parked car in their way. I of course switched off my engine and shouted to them to back up. There was a bit of a stand-off, resulting in the youngish guy coming to tell me he was a Policeman and he was going to call his traffic department friends. Sigh.
And so it's mind-boggling that the President would back off from help from the Brits on Planning and Training but just wanting weaponery-- I mean the GRA improved a lot after they went in - even down to staff attitudes to the Public (;postID=3998476548665248381)

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