Thursday, September 29, 2011

Guyanese Sheeple

Lack of regulation seems to be creeping into every sphere of life- so the Yoga Class which I attend to try and de-stress, is no exception.  The teacher, for reasons best known to himself took a month off to go to India notwithstanding the fact that he is back for a month, then returning for good. As payment is quarterly, it follows that we ought to have a month’s grace as we had paid in advance—this also means that the new payment can start with the new replacement teacher if/when there is one.
But no—we were informed that the quarterly payment was due shortly – so I pointed the above logic to the class of mainly middle-aged to elderly and it was greeted with a half-hearted response—I suggested a letter to which we would all sign and the usual ‘helpful’ Guyanese suggestion of before a letter, an informal chat with the new Director—but then a blank on who would go- then one man saying the Yoga Classes were good value as they were being subsidized by the Indian Government and he could afford the amount for the lost month. Then another woman chipping in about how expensive the Yoga Classes were in the US (excuse me, but what's the f-ing relevance??)
 Sigh – so who’s right? Me for attempting to voice a logical opinion so at least it would not reinforce the utter contempt the Indians have for the spineless low-caste rejects from India in times past who take their licks, bitch and do nothing or them for being further along the path of ahimsa/non-violence for not sweating the small stuff?
So is it centuries of oppression bred into the genes which make them depressive introverts fearful to open their mouths in public but willing to take out Life’s frustrations on their hapless wives and children, who in turn perpetuate the nasty cycle or is it just the defeatist attitude that whatever they do would be ineffective and why draw attention to yourself?

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