Tuesday, September 20, 2011


In spite of the fact that US seismologists are working on a early warning system, Nature can never be fully predictable; therefore the current case in Italy of putting seven scientists on trial for failing to give adequate warning strikes me as trying to absolve oneself of responsibility--- fact - the village is/was located in a seismologically active area; fact- improved engineering and knowledge of construction in earthquake zones are around; fact - in a more lax country where Building Codes would be ignored disaster on a larger scale  is bound to happen!
One wonders how much more foolish human beings can be- surely if you're anywhere near a fault line-- it's in your interest to check that the building you're in is to specification? I remember this was a similar problem back in Turkey years ago - the disaster was worse because many buildings ignored the building recommendations! Wonder if people in Nepal which is experiencing seismic activity knew that they are on a fault line?

I should add my personal view in Guyana where those with more money than sense are going higher-- there should be some sort of formula between the height of the building and the distance from the property's boundary as it follows a fire in a taller building would endanger those neighbouring buildings directly below it -- where are the people with Common-Sense I wonder??

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