Sunday, September 4, 2011

Heeding the siren

So just a block away from this sign a car speeding up on Lamaha St. apparently did not heed the siren of a Fire Engine on the way to a reported fire. The Fire engine driver swerved to avoid hitting the car and instead hit an electricty pole, the recently concrete-reinforced bridge from Thomas-land to Lamaha St ending up in the Lamaha Canal.

So, Desrey Fox's son apparently didn't heed the siren, neither the truck driver transporting Mr Simon in the recent case involving the Presidential convoy and now the driver of the car involved.  Do these people even know there is a rule of the Road?
I get annoyed enough about slow drivers pulling out in front of me from a side-street when there is a large empty stretch behind me-- I still feel there should be some sort of intelligence test incorporated in the Driving Test!

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