Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Patrick's Perturbed Poem


Today is not a nice day
Today is not a day for learned responses
And the upkeep of society’s pretenses
Today is not a day to smile and say
Good morning how are
Good afternoon how do you do
Today is a day to look some of you in the face
And say fuck you!
Because today this son of a slave is angry
Angry with the white man
Who kept me in chains and ragged attire
Angry with the greedy brown ones
Who’ve been trying to do the same
Since the white man retired.
But most of all this son of a slave
Is angry with those of his own kind
Who neglect their duty
And turn their backs on history.
Who instead of using their energy
For the betterment of each other
Boast about working for the Holy Father.
Put on their best clothes and their best smiles
Pick up their best bibles
And walk into the house of mental oppression
To sing hallelulah and take Holy Communion
Giving praise and thanks to the bastard son
The first baby conceived through artificial insemination
Leaving their own sons and daughters
To roam the streets and wallow in ignorance.

Today is not a nice day
Today this son of a slave is angry
Angry with the white sons-of-bitches
Who dragged me across the Atlantic
Angry with the brown sons-of-bitches
Who take their greed and prejudices
To the ballot boxes and mark their x-es
Next to the philistines destroying this nation.
But most of all angry with the black sons-of-bitches
Who neglect their education
And go through life without a plan
Living in the moment blissfully content
With snatching other people’s chains and watches


Shooting and stabbing their fellow man
For a few dollars to spend on clothes and drugs
Killing helpless young women for cell phones
May the ghost of Sheema haunt their souls
And diseases invade their bones.

Today is not a nice day
Because today this son of a slave is angry
Maybe tomorrow while under the stupor
Of a hangover from today’s anger
I will cover my bile with a smile
And say good morning how are you
But for today I just want to look
At some of your shameless faces and say
Fuck you!
                                                       Patrick George

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