Monday, September 5, 2011

Justice or Revenge

So the mother of Fiona Singh, who was gunned down in Cummings Lodge with her child partly due to her insistence that her 'businessman' child-father collect her while he was suspected of taking out another 'businessman' a few weeks earlier, is calling for justice for her child and grandchild.  I am old enough to remember the old people saying 'ya play wid fire, ya gun get burn'.
In this topsy-turvy place that is Guyana, is Fiona Singh 'entitled' to Justice?? Why should time, resources and money be spent on someone hellbent on bucking the system? Usually the 'out' in Guyana is that those concerned migrate to be model citizens in other countries, but this is a new development. Like Hammie Green calling for more accountability and less corruption in the Government-- does he really have a right to mouth that? Granted that most of his victims have died or moved on with their lives, surely those with blood on their hands should just shut-up or be investigated for Crimes against humanity and not try to set themselves as the Moral Police. This place ain't easy!

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